In-Game Collectibles

Did you know that Nimbus is one fashionable dude? Below are some concept sketches of accessories, hats, and other fun costumes that we thought Nimbus would look amazing in. You’ll have to check out the game to see which fashions made the cut as in-game collectibles. We’ll tell you one thing, though: this cloud has some serious style!

Achievement Unlocked

Ahh, the ever popular in-game achievements. Who doesn’t love checking something off their to do list? We know we do!  For that exact reason we spent a lot of time brainstorming a super fun list of goals available to unlock in Negative Nimbus. Here’s a sneak peek:

Background Design Process

Last week, we filled all you Nimbus-lovers in on our process of character creation. Just like its inhabitants, Sunnyland didn’t turn into a magical oasis overnight. While we had big dreams for a land with rolling hills, prehistoric volcanos, and hip city streets, those terrains don’t just draw themselves! After many a concept sketch, color study, and polish pass, our backgrounds finally started to feel like the Sunnyland we had been dreaming of. Check out the images below for the different stages Nimbus’ world went through to become the place we know and love (and wished we lived in)!

Pumping out some initial BG sketches!

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Character Design Process

Unlike most clouds, Nimbus didn’t just appear out of thin air. In fact, it took a lot of dreams, sketches, and Wacom pen nibs (our version of blood, sweat and tears) to bring Nimbus and his Sunnyland co-habitants to life. From rough concept designs sprawled on paper to final polished characters ready to animate, our characters go through a number of steps, and talented artists, to become the final versions you’ll see in the game. Click the “more” button below to see some examples of the different stages in our design process.  Hope you enjoy!

An artist sketching Nimbus concepts during our very first brainstorm.

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Friend Nimbus!

Did you know that Nimbus has his very own facebook page!?! Of course, being his negative self, Nimbus is worried that not a lot of folks will “like” his page (after all, he’s used to his only friends being the flowers and Bill the Umbrella). Since Nimbus can use all the love he can get, please check out his page and show the little guy how much you all like him! Added bonus: Nimbus’ facebook page will be the go-to spot for updates, sneak peeks and info leading up to launch. Happy facebooking!