Character Design Process

Unlike most clouds, Nimbus didn’t just appear out of thin air. In fact, it took a lot of dreams, sketches, and Wacom pen nibs (our version of blood, sweat and tears) to bring Nimbus and his Sunnyland co-habitants to life. From rough concept designs sprawled on paper to final polished characters ready to animate, our characters go through a number of steps, and talented artists, to become the final versions you’ll see in the game. Click the “more” button below to see some examples of the different stages in our design process.  Hope you enjoy!

An artist sketching Nimbus concepts during our very first brainstorm.

Little Nimbus evolves into the next step: concept sketches done in Flash.

After revisions and polish, it’s the Nimbus we all know and (hopefully) love.

A look at Bill’s evolution from sketch to his final, hyper self.

Our flowers evolving from sketched buds to Nimbus’ colorful fans.

Trading in the pencil for the Wacom pen as we start work in Flash.

Apple in a variety of polished poses (pre and post Nimbus interruptions!).


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