How to Not Crash Nimbus’ Party

Closing Apps

We want players to get the most out of our app, so we wanted to weigh in on some crashing issues that we’ve heard a few folks are having. While we’ve tested the game on every iOS device imaginable (we have many a pod, pad and phone in-house), we understand that there are some device-specific issues people may be encountering.

One quick fix that we often find does the trick is closing out other applications that are running in the background. It’s so easy to forget to do this on an iOS device, so we often have dozens of apps accidentally running at once. Closing some or all of these out will likely help crashing issues with Nimbus and other games, and it will definitely help your device battery life (Woo hoo! We love added bonuses!). We hope that helps, and that you’re all continuing to enjoy the wonders of Sunnyland!

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