Nimbus Brings Home the Gold!

Negative Nimbus made it rain this weekend at the Boston Festival of Indie Games! Nimbus took home the “Awesome Aesthetics” award for best visuals and design of all the games exhibiting. We’re hoping Nimbus doesn’t get a big head from all the attention: he even received the most votes of any winner in each of their respective categories! Aside from the accolades, Nimbus was also overwhelmed with the flood of love from everyone who visited the table. There was a steady stream of traffic the entire day! Players of all ages seemed to really enjoy the game, and Nimbus buttons were a hot commodity at the event. Nimbus was overjoyed with the success and was also relieved that he did not rain on/ruin anyone else’s beloved games.

Check out Nimbus’ Facebook page over the next few days for more pictures from the event!

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