Background Design Process

Last week, we filled all you Nimbus-lovers in on our process of character creation. Just like its inhabitants, Sunnyland didn’t turn into a magical oasis overnight. While we had big dreams for a land with rolling hills, prehistoric volcanos, and hip city streets, those terrains don’t just draw themselves! After many a concept sketch, color study, and polish pass, our backgrounds finally started to feel like the Sunnyland we had been dreaming of. Check out the images below for the different stages Nimbus’ world went through to become the place we know and love (and wished we lived in)!

Pumping out some initial BG sketches!

Sunnyland starting to take shape in sketch form.

Playing with color to lock down a palette for Merry Meadow.

The final product: a fully polished Merry Meadow!

Color studies for some Sunnyland’s different worlds.

Final polishes on two Sunnyland worlds.

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