In-Game Collectibles

Did you know that Nimbus is one fashionable dude? Below are some concept sketches of accessories, hats, and other fun costumes that we thought Nimbus would look amazing in. You’ll have to check out the game to see which fashions made the cut as in-game collectibles. We’ll tell you one thing, though: this cloud has some serious style!

Guest Artists Draw Nimbus

Just like Nimbus and Bill, we’re big fans of collaboration! So, we thought it would be really neat to see other artists’ interpretations of the Sunnyland crew. The illustration above was done by the talented Louie Zong, CloudKid’s intern and all-around rock star. Louie also pumped out a couple of other Nimbus-themed illustrations, including this amazing one that he shared on his own site.

We’d love for this to be the first of many Nimbus interpretations done in various artist’s styles. Check back here in the coming weeks for more features, and please don’t hesitate to send us your own drawings here or via Facebook. Happy drawing!

Character Design Process

Unlike most clouds, Nimbus didn’t just appear out of thin air. In fact, it took a lot of dreams, sketches, and Wacom pen nibs (our version of blood, sweat and tears) to bring Nimbus and his Sunnyland co-habitants to life. From rough concept designs sprawled on paper to final polished characters ready to animate, our characters go through a number of steps, and talented artists, to become the final versions you’ll see in the game. Click the “more” button below to see some examples of the different stages in our design process.  Hope you enjoy!

An artist sketching Nimbus concepts during our very first brainstorm.

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