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“Of course I will,” Christie told Tapper on “State of the Union.” “I have been investigated by three different entities, two of them led by partisan Democrats, who have all found that I had no knowledge of this incident and no involvement in it. And so I would have no problem if called to testify by either side. But the fact is that I won’t because I really don’t have any knowledge of this incident at all.”.

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Enter Mark Henderson, the stadium snowplow operator (and a convicted burglar). He conveniently clears a spot on the field for Pats’ kicker Josh Smith, who boots the game winning field goal in the fourth quarter. According to USA Today, Dolphins coach Don Shula later called the incident the “most unfair act” ever in the history of the NFL..

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Apart from moisturizing the skin, coconut oil is also good for preventing the signs of aging. This oil is also antifungal and antibacterial in nature. So it is used in a whole lot of skin care products, including soaps.. Though I currently live in New York City and recognize many parallels between the American Dream and the Canadian Dream, I have never let go of my roots. In a tall office building in midtown Manhattan, my American colleagues often end up discussing Winnipeg. Every hockey season, everyone is frequently reminded about my love for the Winnipeg Jets..

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