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She wrote, “The only break they have had from screaming their lungs out! Im not even allowed to enter bcoz of panvati!!” However, after lamenting the loss of her TV viewing rights, she rejoiced when she was allowed in the room again. “Ive redeemed myself! India wins inspite of my presence in front of TV. So it is hardly a surprise that most Indians are superstitious about the game.

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Jets first tournament was the Stars Stripes at the end of April where the Jets went undefeated to win the gold. This was followed by the Toronto Challenge Cup where the Jets lost their first game of the season in the finals in overtime. The Jets went undefeated in an exhibition series in Regina where they had a comeback for the ages.

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Amnesty International’s Pacific researcher Kate Schuetze said

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Many find hope in this; many others fear it’s the beginning of

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